Sunday, March 19, 2017

Smokey Mountains

We woke up today, half comfortable in our makeshift beds, half with broken backs (from sleeping on the floor) and eager to start off the new day! After eating breakfast (we love bananas) and packing lunches, we headed out to the Smokey Mountains. The drive was very scenic as we passed by wildlife and the beautiful snowy mountaintops. Once we stepped out of the car, we regretted not wearing enough layers, but with Liz's fast pace walking, we were able to warm up quickly. After 2.5 miles, we reached our destination! Beautiful waterfalls! After the long hike, our sandwiches tasted like 5 star meals and we were happy. After taking multiple pictures, we were ready to head back and pass out in the car. Once we returned to the church, Amanda and Adriana cooked us a delicious meal of Teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables. Now we'll end the night with some popcorn, chicken nachos and a movie about relationship violence. We're excited to take on the first day of service tomorrow and visit the University of Tennessee!

- Jessica and Lisa

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